International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA)
This year I had the honour to serve as the IDEA Jury Chair. IDEA celebrates design innovation through products and services that benefit the user, client, and society to deliver excellent design solutions. It was a great experience working alongside such a diverse and talented group of designers and educators. IDEA received the most entries ever: 2,231 from 27 countries worldwide. It was great to see such a diverse span of entries as IDEA profiles and advocates while celebrating world-leading design that ultimately affects cultural change and positive human interaction. 
I appreciated the sustainability focus across all categories. Therefore, I gave Sono's this year's Jury Chair Award for the Sono's Global Packaging System. This entry stood out amongst the competition as it redefines the unboxing experience, uses environmentally conscious materials, and effectively ties in with the Sonos brand language. The jury appreciated the visible sustainability decisions and thoughtful details complimenting the larger brand identity. 
Designed by: Michelle Enright, Ben Blanchard, Jeremiah Etchison, IDSA and the Sonos Global Packaging Team. Artwork created in collaboration with Character
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