Therapy Light 
Co-created with Designers Cartel
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a proven severe depressive condition triggered by sunlight deficiency. 
Over 10 million Americans suffer from this illness, with an estimated 12 million people across northern Europe. Women are four times more likely to be diagnosed than men. And due to a lack of understanding and embarrassment, many more people go undiagnosed. 
Generally, SAD lights only have one function - that of a therapy light. Currently, available products have a medical and 'specialist' aesthetic creating a stigma for the individual, with many users hiding them from view when not in use and forgetting to use them.
Beam is a versatile light designed to be on show and in plain view when not used for therapy. The design seamlessly fits within the home serving as a regular desk or ambient light, creating a multi-functional product that connects at the human level.

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